Etna Gold


From the ‘50s Francesco Costa and his father Nicola conducted an agricultural blooming activity, taking care of olive trees in their field, and pressing olives  in oil mill of that age.
In 1969 Nicola, with his wife’s help, opened his first oil mill in the center of Bronte, Santa Caterina street, renting a little locale and installing a traditional olive oil equipment (Press).
The work of the company was to press the olives of the producers, therefore exclusively on behalf of third parties.

In 2007 Francesco Costa turned over the business on to his son Gaetano, who, with great pleasure, decided to maintain the same brand of his father’s  oil mill “Francesco Costa”, and with much love he dedicated this brand to his first-born, who has grand-father’s name. In the last years, Gaetano Costa’s most coveted project was to produce extra virgin olive oil D.O.P. Monte Etna, realizing the best product with a very refined packaging. After an intensive and appropriate research, he bottled D.O.P. MONTE ETNA, with the trademark Sofia. Sofia will be the person in charge for the our superior olive oils.

Gaetano, when he was ten years old, went to the oil mill to help his parents. At the age of 16, he decided to stop his studies to devote himself to his passion, the oil mill. Before he became eligible, he managed the company with his relatives. When he tasted the olive oils, he perceived, even if in a superficial manner, positive and negative aspects. Then he attended same courses in oil taste.

Costa oil mill, sole trader, over 40 years of activities, has retained a large number of customers, that sell their olives to the oil mill and press their olives there on its own behalf.
Today our oil mill is very important in olive oil area, thanks to several awards and the quality that is very high, with a refined packaging. Our olive oil is known in foreign markets, with a lot of customers, that are alert to the quality.

In 1989 the oil mill was transferred on the outskirts of Bronte with stores and state-of-the-art equipments to have the best production, so in the same day it is possible to harvest and to press the olives. In this way the quality of olive oil will be very high. Consecutively the company obtains the authorization  to bottle its olive oil with own brand, realizing family’s dream..

We have bottled the olive oil Sofia D.O.P. Monte Etna. We get to establish ourself on International markets thanks to the maintenance of equipments, their optimization, our experience and competence, the workmanship of the olive nocellara etnea, producer and customers.
Our response to globalisation: Costa oil mill looks for new partners. In the first time it acquires input data with a careful analysis of the market, then it plans consumer’s law of each country, that need our olive oils.