Etna Gold



Etna, ever since ancient time, was a promoter of many literary compositions of antiquity,

describing its appeal, creating mythological tales, making the volcano full of interest. There is a cycle of stories, where the Poet interlaces history, mythology, art and culture. Describing the secret and magic phenomenon, such as the rumble and the eruption of the volcano Hephaestus (god of fire).

In the well-known Omero’s work, Odyssey, the Cyclops Polyphemos is the personification of Etna. He narrates that the Cyclops lived inside the volcano, they were enormous creatures with only one eye. They practiced shepherding and they forged arms, fuelling smoke and fire outside the mouth of the crater of the volcano.

In the well-known passage of Odyssey, Ulysses and his travel companions arrive in a desert Island and enter in a cave, searching foods. When Polyphemos saw them, he decided to lock them inside and he began to eat them. For this reason Ulysses got the Cyclops Polyphemos drunk. Then, the drunk Polyphemos asked to the hero his name and he answered ”no-one”.

In the other hand, in his poem Hesiods describes the Cyclops Bronte (thunder), like an enormous and immortal creature with a only eye in the middle of forehead, he had a huge force. Hesiods says that the town Bronte was founded by the Cyclops Bronte. This town is situated between Etna park and Nebrodi park. These two parks are divided by Simeto river and Alcàntara river (La Càntera).

Legends says that the goddess Cerere (mother earth) came in Sicily and she was venerated by people. She taught them to cultivate their fields, making them more efficient. She was Jupiter’s sister, that had an enchanting daughter called Proserpine. She was a carefree and happy maiden. Usually she played with her friends in the grass green near the volcano Etna. Pluto kidnapped her, because he wanted the marriage between Proserpine and Jupiter. Cerere was desperate, so she began to look for her for nine days and nine nights.

Grief-stricken and betrayed by her broche, she decided to leave. Without the Mother Earth began a lots of problems in the agriculture area, but Proserpine could not came back, because she was Pluto’s wife. Afterwards Jupiter, moved to compassion, decided that Proserpine could came back on the Earth once a year with Cerere during the spring. Legend says that Proserpine  was the creator of abundance, she disappear when the winter arrives and comes back with the next spring.

Myths are important, because they give an important relationship between etnean population and the “muntagna”. During the silent war “ca muntagna” the man instead of fleeing, he continues to take care of plants near Etna’s scope. This land is fertlised by volcanic ash, that gives peculiar products.

SOFIA D.O.P. MONTE ETNA olive oil is appreciated by experts in all the world, tank to history, myths and legends, Costa mill owns same distinctive mark, such as our brand and the name of olive oil, deposited in the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture of Catania, to prevent the counterfeiting of the products. Gaetano Costa achieves all the labels, the design and the communication.