Etna Gold



The landscape of Bronte has very different areas, with old flood-plains transformed in olive trees, orchards and other arboreal cultivations.

In the very antique lava flowing, the farmer planted olive trees and the famous pistachio of Bronte. This landscape is occupied by pastures. There are lava formations near the river Simeto.  Due to difficult contrast of the environment, a lot of lands are transformed in agricultural lands, building dry terraces with volcanic stones (in dialect of Bronte rasuri). In this place a lot of olive trees and vineyards are cultivated, and with a lot of attention have contributed to change this landscape in an environmental architecture of the volcano Etna.

The weather is excellent, the winter is mild, while there are fresh- heat summers.
Low rainfall during the summer, heavy precipitations between 600 and 700 meters.  Above 700 meters is located a temperate area, while above 1500 meters there is a harsh climate, with relatively dry and warm summer due to black burnings volcanic lapillus, and cold winter with heavy precipitations of rain and snow, where a multi-strata acquifers are formed, enriching the Simeto and Alcantara rivers.

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